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Do carmakers offer a website to behold? (continued)

Date: 25 November 2008


Fleet websites should be a mine of easily accessible, handy data. David Motton assesses which ones deliver

Mazda 72%

An email reply in less than 20 minutes, intuitive navigation and a dealer finder that produces personalised directions. But instead of a tax calculator there's a PDF listing every model's P11D and the tax bill for 20%/40% taxpayers.

Mercedes 86%

The Mercedes tax calculator allows users to add the cost of options and any employee contribution, and includes the tax implications of taking free fuel in the results. There's also an easy-to-find freephone number.

Nissan 74%

Flashy animations may look great, but this is a fiddly site that needs too much clicking to get to the information you want. That's a shame, since most of what business users need is here, including a great tax calculator. We waited nearly four working days for a response to our email, however.

Peugeot 74%

At first there's little to make this site stand out from many others, but get clicking and there are lots of useful features. The 'Our People' section, with brief biogs of fleet sales managers, is nice. It's a shame the tax calculator only gives results for the current tax year, though.

Renault 70%

In many respects, this site is excellent. We especially like the tax calculator that allows you to work backwards from a monthly Budget to a list of suitable cars. However, there's no specific fleet sales phone number.

Saab 74%

This would be a frontrunner if the tax calculator was working (it's being redeveloped). That aside, we're very impressed with the crisp, clean design, intuitive navigation and range of extras. Best of all is the P11D price list.

Seat 68%

The business news hadn't been updated since May 2007, which must tell you something. The tax calculator and dealer finder are clever, but the clunky navigation, small type and mish-mash of colours isn't.

Skoda 78%

This site has made big strides. The tax calculator is now one of the best, and the site is exceptionally easy to use. Not a long list of useful extras, but the P11D price list is a handy complement to the downloadable brochure.

Toyota 58%

Toyota has some work to do if it's to match the best sites. Fortunately that work is already underway, with a new tax calculator promised shortly. Next on the 'to do' list should be brochures that can be downloaded rather than emailed, preferably without having to fill in a form first.

Vauxhall 76%

Another site that's much better than 12 months ago. The design is more appealing, and there's a P11D price list to complement the downloadable brochure and regular price list. The tax calculator is very detailed - if it gave results for more than just the current tax year, it would be even better.

VW 88%

You can't include the cost of extras or any capital contribution on the tax calculator, but otherwise there's lots to like, with comprehensive brochures and a freephone contact number. The Fleet Doc, which creates your own bespoke presentation on VWs as fleet cars, is neat.

Volvo 82%

It took Volvo less than an hour to respond to our request for information. The dealer finder is as good as they come, and the same could be said of the tax calculator if it also gave details of fuel benefit costs. With some more useful features and a P11D price list the Volvo site would be up with the very best.