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Awards 2009 - Green manufacturer: BMW

Date: 27 January 2009

Given BMW scooped our headline Green Initiative of the Year award, it only makes sense that you have voted it your green manufacturer of 2009.

Whereas the headline award is open to any scheme from any organisation, the purpose of this award is to recognise the car maker making the most effort to reduce emissions across its range, particularly as it's increasingly likely they'll face EU fines for exceeding average CO2 output figures.

BMW's Efficient Dynamics system will rightly take much of the credit for bringing this award to BMW, but the fact is none of the mainstream brands can hold a candle to the company's jumbo efforts over the past few years. BMW has consistently been the trendsetter in low-CO2 technology. The 118d was the first premium car to break under the 120g/km barrier, and the 318d is not far behind at just 123g/km. Even the luxurious 4x4 - the X5 - makes it into the 33% tax band with a figure of 214g/km. Its nearest premium rival emits more than 30g/km more.

However, the most impressive thing is the distinct impression that BMW HQ in Munich is not yet satisfied and will keep improving.

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