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Techies 2009 - Best Hand-held Satnav: Trafficmaster - Mobile

Date: 25 August 2009

Trafficmaster has been a significant player in the satnav and telematics market since it was founded 21 years ago. Its investment in traffic monitoring systems has consistently given it the edge in accurately predicting and spotting traffic jams, which in turn has meant its satnav systems have always had the advantage in giving users the quickest route to a destination.

However, Trafficmaster's systems have, until recently, relied on being built-in to vehicles. This put the business at a disadvantage to lower-cost rival systems, which were hand-held and could be easily moved between cars.

Spotting the disadvantage to these systems - they're just one more gadget a driver has to carry - Trafficmaster has leapt straight to the head of the field for good, clever ideas by doing away with the need for a dedicated hand-held satnav device. Instead, Trafficmaster has written applications that can be downloaded to any GPS-enabled mobile phone (almost all new mobiles are GPS now).

Already available on the Windows Mobile platform and Blackberry, and soon to be available for Nokias and iPhones, the company's Mobile system offers Trafficmaster's route planning with accurate traffic information. On top of this you can also use the Mobile app to contact Trafficmaster's call centre to get assistance for finding the nearest hotel or petrol station, for example. Additional features such as a business mileage reporting system, speed camera alerts and personal tracking are also available.

It's for this reason - moving the hand-held satnav market on a level - that Trafficmaster's Mobile has won the BusinessCar Techie for Best Hand-held Satnav.