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Techies 2009 - Best Telematics System: TomTom Work

Date: 25 August 2009

Highly Commended: Trafficmaster - Smartnav

The TomTom Work telematics system impressed us because of the breadth of services and technology available.

According to TomTom, satellite navigation means delivery or job locations are found efficiently, reducing driving distances by 11%, while driving hours are cut by up to 18% thanks to traffic jam information enabling the avoidance of delays and the chance to take alternative routes. This technology can lead to a 10% increase in the number of jobs that can be handled by staff. And a reduction in distance and time travelled means an improvement in fuel economy of 15%, according to the telematics firm, which also offers other services including a two-way job despatch facility that can deliver up to a 40% saving on mobile phone usage.

These features are coupled to a system called Webfleet, which allows reporting on up to 15 key performance indicators for easily monitoring of a fleet.

Of equal importance is the claim that in some cases the TomTom Work system has paid for itself through fleet savings within eight months.

This combination of factors gave TomTom Work the Best Telematics System win in the BusinessCar Techies.

Scooping a Highly Commended in this category is Trafficmaster's Smartnav system, which impressed for the amount of time, fuel and money savings that could be made and control centre back-up.