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Awards 2010 - Leasing & Fleet Management: Lex Autolease

Date: 26 January 2010

Nigel Stead, Lex Autolease, MD

Proving that biggest is sometimes best, Lex Autolease has grabbed the prize in the leasing and fleet management category.

It's a category the new bedfellows, following last year's merger between Lex and Lloyds TSB Autolease, have both tasted success in previously, as the latter toppled Lex last year to take top honours.

Lex Autolease, as the merged company is branded, currently has nearly 340,000 cars under its control, far exceeding the 122,000 held by the UK's number two leasing firm LeasePlan, although Lex Autolease's number will fall slightly as the two businesses align and settle down following the merger.

Like most leasing companies, Lex Autolease has witnessed a fall in the average emissions of its cars as businesses seek more efficient options. Last year's average figure was 152g/km, down from 2008's 158g/km, and the company said it delivered more than 30,000 cars under 121g/km over the 12 months to October 2009.

Under the management of Nigel Stead (above), previously managing director of Lloyds TSB Autolease, the job of taking the two massive leasing companies and turning them into one will continue. But in the meantime, it's congratulations on a job so far well done.