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Techies 2010 - Best Green Development, Suppliers: ING Car Lease GreenCare

Date: 24 August 2010

One-click benchmarking of an individual firm's fleet against the best and the average is one of the main reasons ING has picked up the Green Development - Suppliers prize.

GreenCare is described by ING as the industry's "first comprehensive online analysis tool that allows companies to access data on the environmental performance of their fleets at the click of a mouse".

ING customers can compare how their fleet stacks up environmentally against the entire lease firm's basket of customers, as well as the company's best 50+ vehicle fleet customer. Variances are displayed as a percentage compared with the ING overall fleet, and the system allows customers to drill down into sector-by-sector analysis, and gives annual fuel spend comparisons to illustrate how much money could be saved.

ING is also working on phase two of GreenCare, which will see scenario planning introduced to help fleets plot how changes to their vehicle policies, such as changes of vehicle makes, limiting engine size or annual mileage changes will impact upon their whole-life costs.

LeasedriveVelo's Mileage:Manager picks up the Highly Commended award. The system highlights to the company and driver the impact on CO2 emissions of vehicle choice, fuel type and driving style, links fuel card charges and looks at both private and business miles. The firm is also in the process of linking the system with its carbon offset solution Carbon:Manager.