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Techies 2010 - Best Hand-Held Satnav System: Trafficmaster Trafficmaster Companion

Date: 24 August 2010

It's a repeat victory for Trafficmaster in 2010, with its Companion suite of products proving how quickly the firm can move to meet market needs.

Trafficmaster Companion is now available on Nokia phones and the iPhone, adding to the Blackberry and Windows-based smartphone applications available this time last year.

One of the key innovations pinpointed by Trafficmaster is the Personal Assistants, a 24-hour operator-style service offering route guidance and breakdown or emergency assistance. The PA service joins real-time route planning and live traffic information available on GPS mobile handsets.

As well as increased handset offerings, another feature added for 2010 is the International Rescue service. An extension of the emergency or breakdown service in the UK, a call to the International Rescue service will put the user through to a call centre in the right country, offering assistance in the right language. The GPS system will also pinpoint the customer's exact location, sidestepping any ambiguity caused by the unfamiliar environment and language. A concierge-style facility will also help users find the nearest facility such as a cash point or chemist.