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Techies 2010 - Best Servicing, Maintenance and Repair System: Auto Windscreens Chip Checker

Date: 24 August 2010

Auto Windscreens, last year's runner-up in this category, has snatched the SMR Techies award from the 2009 winner Epyx with a new development called Chip Checker.

A free iPhone app launched last month, it can measure the size of a windscreen chip and book a repair or replacement.

Claimed to be the first ever windscreen-checking application, the Chip Checker uses the iPhone's camera as a repair gauge, while the app checks the size and position of the chip from the photo taken, and shows up whether it can be repaired rather than replaced. The app also allows the user to search to see whether the repair would be covered by the driver's insurance firm, and will also link to Auto Windscreens' website to book a repair or replacement.

The company also claims Chip Checker has a eco-friendly bent, as it will replace the printed acetate repair gauge it has traditionally supplied to drivers.

Highly commended is the Epyx 1link system, 2009's Techies winner in this segment. The system has undergone what Eypx calls major enhancements during the past 12 months, with 34 updates rolled out to fleets and garages in April.

The 1link Service Network can book, authorise and invoice servicing and repair, frequently automatically.