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Techies 2012 - Best Servicing, Maintenance and Repair System: Epyx Price Check

Date: 21 August 2012

Winner in the category dedicated to keeping business cars on the road, Epyx's Price Check is a seriously clever piece of technology that monitors exactly what companies are spending money on in order to keep their fleets on the road and 'learns' how they can spend less.

The system was introduced as part of Epyx's 1link Service Network on a trial basis in 2011 and has been fully integrated within the past year.

Describing the technology, the company says: "In essence, its purpose is to enforce the supplier's commercial terms that are already in place. When a saving has been identified once by a fleet using the platform, it can be set to automatically apply to all similar purchases in the future."

Numerous SMR elements can be scrutinised, some of the most obvious of which are labour costs, overlap times, parts prices and fluid costs. The individual savings appear small, but across a large fleet they can add up to become big numbers. The company's example is dealer invoicing systems that charge for oil in 0.5-litre increments, which would generate a bill for four litres of oil for a car that only needs 3.7 litres. Businesses using the system will be made aware of such mark-ups and can challenge them in order to make a saving.

One of our judges said: "I want this system for my own car. It's a really clever use of technology to 'learn' parameters and implement fleet savings. The oil example sealed the deal for me."

Epyx claims that when the platform is correctly applied, it has the capacity to save fleets around 10% on their total SMR expenditure.