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Techies 2012 - Best Telematics System: TomTom Business Solutions Webfleet

Date: 21 August 2012

TomTom Business Solutions' Webfleet system monitors vehicle activity, driver behaviour and carbon footprint in real time, while it uses TomTom's traffic and routing systems to reduce journey times wherever possible.

The system monitors a range of factors to improve efficiency including driving style, fuel consumption and idling, with drivers getting the chance to modify their behaviour via the Active Driver Feedback and Optidrive functions. From behind the wheel, employees get feedback on their performance for fuel efficiency and excessive steering or braking, while the Optidrive element scores drivers out of 10 across speed, fuel efficiency, idling and braking KPIs to give an overall figure for each driver, highlighting those that pose the biggest duty of care risk.

Webfleet also includes integrated navigation and enables fleet operators to allocate jobs to the most appropriate vehicle based on real-time and expected traffic information.

Last year's winner Satmo was Highly Commended, having built on its vehicle tracking system with new features such as driver behaviour tools and integration with Garmin devices, on top of the features that impressed the judges last year.

Also Highly Commended was the entry from Tracker. All developed in-house, its Fleet system includes what the firm claims is unique technology to detect vehicle idling through sensing electrical noise, as well as adjustable driver KPIs for elements such as speed or driver mileage.