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AEB SYSTEMS: Safe in the city

Date: 09 May 2013

Ideal for use in city centres, Autonomous Emergency Braking systems have been proven to reduce the incidence of crashes. Jack Carfrae explains what they are and why your insurance costs could be about to drop.

You may have heard the term and you may have seen some of the crash-test videos on YouTube, but Autonomous Emergency Braking systems - AEBs, for short - haven't yet reached the prevalence of ABS brakes or airbags in the motor industry.

There is, however, a very good reason that fleets should take notice of them. Numerous safety bodies have clubbed together and proved that, when fitted, they make a vehicle an awful lot safer. So not only are you looking at better duty of care and risk management, you're also cutting costs in a significant way.

Big-hitting safety bodies are latching on to the technology at an increasing rate of knots and fast making it a requirement as part of future tests and scoring systems. Euro NCAP has already announced that AEBs will become part of its industry benchmark star-rating system from 2014, while research centre Thatcham has published evidence from the US, which proves that crashes are 27% less likely in vehicles fitted with the systems.

In turn, this has encouraged the insurance industry to recognise the benefits and lower the insurance groups of vehicles that are fitted with the technology by up to five categories.