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APPS: Useful tools of the trade or a case of form over function?

Date: 20 December 2013   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Switching on

The consensus is that the use of tablets and mobile technology in this sector is here to stay, so fleet operators should not ignore apps for that reason, and more to the point, it's worth being switched on about how the rest of the industry is working.

As Grainger says, it's a case of picking and choosing what works for you and your business, rather than just towing the technological line and downloading en masse for the sake of it.

"Part of it is working out whether these apps are suitable for your business. There are some useful ones around, but it's a case of finding the ones you need and working out whether they fit in a fleet context," he says.

Hunt believes apps are useful tools, but a real-time service is always going to be of greater use to fleets.

"You can't expect consistency. [If you're relying on an app] then someone might forget to turn it on or something - arguably it could be better than a spreadsheet, though," he says.

"It's inconsistent, but they're handy tools. They're nice-to-haves and they'll be used a little, but probably with most it'll be a very low number. One thing is probably not going to suit everybody."