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NISSAN: Keep fleets coming back for more

Date: 17 September 2013


These factors are all designed to help grow Nissan's car fleet market share from its current level of around 5.3% at the 2013 half-year point up to break the 6% barrier in the medium term of the 2015 fiscal year. That growth will be achieved through product introductions, with Beeston quick to point out that just 2300 of the company's projected 60,000 fleet sales this year will be into rental, describing it as a "negligible" part of the business. 

"As an organisation we are very pro-RV management and a lot of discussion is around activity we should take to manage residual values proactively," he says. "Part of that is channel mix - where to do business and in which channels to ensure the non-distress of our products."

Although the firm is looking for growth, Beeston doesn't see it moving further up the sales chart from its current sixth position, having passed Peugeot during 2013.

"We've only got the big players Ford and Vauxhall, and the Germanic brands [VW, BMW and Audi] ahead of us, so it will be very difficult to go above that," he says.

"It's difficult to predict the future, but for ourselves we're confident in our business plan and sales mix and confident in the volume we do because we can recycle them into used vehicles and there will be demand," he concludes. "We could purchase volume significantly today, but it would be down certain channels that are not accommodated in our business plan [short cycle and daily rental business]. If volumes are too high in that sector it will be difficult to maintain RVs."