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A more confident Seat

Date: 23 October 2014   |   Author:


Looking to the future, McDonald isn't perturbed about the lack of development Seat is showing on alternative fuels.

"Being part of the VW Group, there is all sorts of investment in alternative fuels - vehicles to fit niches," he explains. "At this moment, my team can concentrate on where the marketplace is and today that's really low CO2 out of conventional engine technology - diesel at 87g/km, 184hp Leon five-door at 109g/km. That's where the market is.

"It's good we've got access to that technology going forward but it's not imminent," he continues. "Low-emission diesel is where the market is today and what fleets are purchasing today. We want to speak to fleets about what they can procure now and need now, not in three years."