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The differences between software and telematics

Date: 28 August 2014   |   Author: Jack Carfrae



The biggest difference between fleet management software and telematics is that the latter usually has a hard-wired black box in the car that sends the fleet manager information about what the driver and the vehicle are doing.

"A fleet management package will look at the cost of the network, the cost of maintenance, accident management and repair costs and insurance. They might also cover windscreen and tyre maintenance," says Giles Margerison, sales director of TomTom Telematics.

"Telematics involves looking at vehicle and driver performance: what the vehicle's doing on a day-to-day basis, KPIs, the number of jobs it's done, fuel consumption, driver identification, delivering jobs in real time, or any other in-cab or in-car type technology."

Jaama's managing director, Martin Evans, adds a family analogy: "If my son's got a nice car and I want to know what he's up to and he's not speeding, I put a telematics system in."