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Green mobility in focus at our conference

Date: 07 November 2018   |   Author: Simon Harris

Speakers at the National Green Mobility Conference can aid the switch to electric. Simon Harris reports.

A new event, brought to you by BusinessCar and sister publication What Van?, aims to help fleet operators switch to the potential savings of plug-in vehicles.

A line-up of expert speakers focusing on different aspects of running electric cars and vans will help delegates navigate the complexities of adopting ultra-low emission and zero-emission vehicles for fleets.

And following the conference, attendees will be able to sample some of the latest electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for themselves, with driving sessions run from the venue.

The National Green Mobility Conference (NGMC) will be held on 6 December at the Jurys Inn hotel, Milton Keynes, and tickets are available now.

It comes at a critical time with developments in EV technology as well as shifts in how the vehicles may be taxed making many consider whether it could be time to switch from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The next generation of more sophisticated plug-in vehicles will be vying for the attention of fleet operators as a combination of factors influence buying and driving habits. 

New electric cars are being introduced by both premium and mainstream manufacturers, some of which have theoretical ranges of around 300 miles, dramatically increasing choice, broadening their appeal, and making them more suitable as company cars for more users.

Changes to company car tax in the pipeline will see fully electric vehicles (EVs) eventually attract a lower rate than at present, while plug-in hybrids with longer zero-emission ranges will also be treated more favourably.

As well as making them more attractive to some drivers who are able to make the most of the technology, the reduced national insurance contributions could also make them more appealing to fleet operators.

Improvements in the public charging infrastructure, as well as more powerful chargers that allow a more rapid replenishing of range with longer-range EVs will also make them easier to adopt.

Higher penalties for diesel company cars from 2018, with a higher 4% supplement on BIK tax, as well as recent negative stories about older diesel engines, would have prompted many fleets to re-evaluate the type of vehicles they use.

But operators are likely to need guidance on how best to integrate plug-in vehicles in their fleets, and the NGMC could provide vital information for any organisation evaluating the best cars and vans to choose in future.

The NGMC is sponsored by Ensto Solutions, a specialist in EV charging infrastructure, with further support for the event from Lightfoot and Licence Check, with BMW and Mini as car manufacturer sponsors.

Ensto's chief technical officer Visa Parviainen and director of product development Ville Parviainen will make a joint presentation to delegates on energy management, including on-demand response, local load balancing, 'peak shaving' and other related topics.

They will cover how and why organisations need to have a working and smart local load balancing system for EV charging products, and ways of using local solutions to participate in on-demand responses, peak shaving and other smart grid energy markets.

Other speakers include Jennie Hill, commercial director, business services at the AA, who will share some exclusive research at the conference; Matthew Trevaskis, the Renewable Energy Association's head of EVs; Dr Colin Herron CBE, managing director of Zero Carbon Futures; and Kieran Coughlan, responsible for asset management at UK Power Networks Services. Coughlan's presentation will focus on the risk and opportunities for transitioning fleet and how a business would approach making the transition, and will include case studies of two different types of fleet.

Go to for attendance options and to find out how to reserve your place.