In what was an extremely difficult year for businesses across the UK, BMW‘s performance in the 2010 BusinessCar Awards is impressive.

If you flick through the next few pages, BMW has taken a total of seven awards, more than any other company. So it’s not surprising that the prestige brand scooped Manufacturer of the Year.

This is the second year running BMW has taken this headline award. An impressive feat, given it’s the one gong that changes hands more often than any other; readers voted for BMW because of the completeness of the fleet package the German brand’s cars offer.

Being a prestige brand means that demand for its cars both on the new and used market is assured, which means business drivers are happy and that residual values remain strong. But if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it.

The sweet spot for BMW in fleet has been its Efficient Dynamics package, which has delivered cars that use less fuel, and therefore produce fewer emissions, than rival vehicles yet still have better performance. In fact, the Efficient Dynamics package has been so key to BMW’s success in the business sales market it’s also taken the BusinessCar Environmental Award for the second year running (see opposite).

On top of this BMW also leads in other areas including in-car driver aids in the form of the Connected Drive system. Connected Drive enables users to send addresses and other details to their car’s satnav from a desktop computer using Google Maps. It is backed up by a call-centre to help the driver find places or businesses not immediately obvious on the satnav and it’s topped off with a safety system that will automatically call the emergency services if there’s been a serious accident. BMW is also set to add internet capability to the system this year.

In the past year, BMW launched a trial of electric Minis and secured a deal to supply the 2012 Olympic games with cars and bikes.

Looking ahead, 2010 will mark the introduction of an all-new 5-series, another electric vehicle trial based on an electric 1-series and the launch of a 3-series with emissions of just 109g/km.

All-in-all, a class-leading performance and a well deserved win for BMW.