Autoglass deserves special congratulations this year, having held the top spot for the past decade.

The company’s dedication to good customer service for businesses has been highlighted in the past year after it launched a number of initiatives including a fleet-specific website, It has also “improved communication via a quarterly newsletter and made life much easier for those who are out and about with a new mobile phone online booking facility”, said national sales manager Tom Stanley.

The windscreen firm is currently piloting a new position, a “hybrid repairer”, whose job is to visit large business premises and fleets and offer ‘Repair at Work’ events. These are targeted at fleet drivers, saving time and effort, says Stanley. It is also developing more fleet checks with key business customers.

Autoglass is making sure it stays at the top of its game for the year ahead too – it ran a recruitment drive recently to ensure it is fully resourced for the winter period, when windscreens experience more damage due to the severe weather and deteriorating roads. It is also working with carmakers to develop a process for handling increasingly complex new models and is investing in research and development to ensure the highest quality products and latest technology, citing motorists’ safety as its number one priority.