This year marks three consecutive wins for Enterprise as our best daily rental firm. It opened 24 new branches in 2011, improving accessibility for business users and bringing its total number of sites up to 360 in the UK.

The company’s flexibility is arguably its biggest draw for fleets, as director of business rental Rob Ingram explained: “In addition to daily rental, services such as Flex-E-Rent provide long-term vehicles, and several public sector organisations are keen on our hourly rental WeCar service.” Such short-term availability is particularly prevalent, as business managers seek to cut down on costs and risks of grey fleet usage.

He continued: “We also provide a comprehensive B2B online booking tool and work with many fleets on a strategic level to help them develop and refine their business transport policies.”

Ingram added that Enterprise’s biggest challenge in the coming year is the need for fleets to reduce their running costs and balancing that with the demand for quality rental.

This month, the company launched an online mobile phone booking service for users looking to rent vehicles in the UK and Europe. This comes in response to a 155% increase in mobile site viewings in 2011.