The X5 is now celebrating five years at the top of our large 4×4 category, the first two of which were with the original model. While BMW‘s smaller cars are making waves on the emissions and economy front, at the other end of the spectrum the X5 is pioneering those same qualities for large 4x4s, as it became the first diesel in its class to duck below the 200g/km barrier when it was updated in 2010. The 30d, with its 245hp 3.0-litre engine, dropped out of the 35% BIK bracket to 32% with 195g/km and 38.2mpg, and still maintains a lead over the vast majority of rivals.

Fleet users aren’t limited to the 30d version if they want to take advantage of the lower BIK rates either. The gutsier 306hp 40d emits 198g/km, so it falls into the same 32% bracket.

It’s also better to drive than the majority of rivals. Inside, it’s roomy and has the same top quality materials and sturdiness as we’ve come to expect from BMW.