A decade is long enough but Autoglass has now surpassed that and celebrates its 11th year as our top windscreen repair and replacement service.

Faster response times over the past year have kept it firmly in favour with fleet users, as managing director Matthew Mycock explained: “We have delivered a 46.8% improvement in time-to-serve in 2011, against 2010.”

Despite the current mild winter, Autoglass has had to deal with what Mycock describes as “peaks and troughs in terms of demand” as a result of extreme weather conditions, which have been particularly apparent over the past two years. He claims the firm is now better prepared to deal with particularly cold winters when demand for new screens and repairs reaches its peak. Flexibility also works in the company’s favour, as its repair-at-work service allows fleets to arrange for screen repairs and checks to be carried out at business locations and for multiple staff at the same time.