For 2013, insurance giant Zurich has muscled AA Drivetech out of the spotlight as our best risk management provider.

European motor practice leader Andy Price told BusinessCar that the firm had noted a rise in the use of driver monitoring systems over the past year in an attempt to slash risk and garner savings on insurance policies. “An increasing number [of firms] started to implement driver behaviour-based telemetry systems to supplement other risk management initiatives, providing them with a dynamic view of the risks their employees face,” he said. “We are confident we will see more and more customers implementing these systems in 2013 and using this driver behaviour data in combination with risk assessments, collision data, driving licence checks and other data universes to improve driver safety.

“With the long-term, sustainable improvements that many of our customers have achieved by working in partnership with us, we are seeing an increasing number of non-customers who want to replicate this success. By focusing primarily on the management issues associated with safe driving, and supplementing this with appropriate driver-focused initiatives, we are helping customers significantly reduce their collision rates. Most importantly, reducing the collision rate on a sustainable basis helps reduce the total cost of risk through the direct and indirect savings associated with having fewer crashes.”

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