Epyx is no stranger to acclaim in either of our sets of awards, having notched up a total of four years running in this spot and won acclaim in last year’s BusinessCar Fleet Technology Awards, too.

The firm’s 1Link system is known for being the industry standard transaction platform, but the really clever bit is the fact that its Price Check system (within 1Link) ‘learns’ what the best prices are for parts

and maintenance essentials and queries any future increases in cost, quashing SMR costs for large fleets in particular.

It goes into immense detail and has the ability to monitor intricacies such as whether the volume of oil charged for during a service is consistent with the amount required by the vehicle’s engine – allowing for a resultant costs challenge.

Sales and business development director David Wallace told BusinessCar: “We have a series of customer forums [which the company monitors] that very much guide where the product goes. The product development is coming from the people who use the product.

“In terms of fleets saving money, there is an increasing focus on drilling down into detail and getting purchasing right. It’s not just about striking a deal on parts and labour, it’s about getting down to the nitty gritty. No human can retain all the information you need to do that.”

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