1. What was your first job?

I worked as an assistant to a transport manager for an animal feed importer in Great Yarmouth called John Lee Barber & Co.


2. What was your first company car?

Not actually had one. Always gone for the own car and mileage option when applicable. But if had the option today I would definitely go for one as there are some great deals to be had with a bit of negotiation.


3. What did you listen to on your last car journey?

On a Storyteller’s Night by Magnum. I consider this to be the British equivalent to Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell. If you like rock music of this ilk, I highly recommend it.


4. What one thing do you wish you could do better?

Pick the lottery numbers!


5. What’s your biggest achievement?

My twin girls, who are 16 now and doing A-levels next year. Makes me feel old at 48.


6. Who are your role models?

Business-wise I always watched Sir John Harvey-Jones when he was on TV; personal wise my grandad, who told me if you want something from life, work for it – don’t expect it to be given to you for free.


7. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done?

Ignored my mum when I was seven and watched her open a tin of gloss paint, which then sprayed into my eyes, the effects of which sent me colour-blind but could have been much worse.


8. What was the most hotly debated topic at your last meeting?

The price of industrial gases.


9. What’s in your garage?

Don’t have one, but if I did I would convert it to a wargames room, and leave the car on the drive. Priorities and all that!


10. What’s the worst thing about your job?

Being let down by suppliers you have to use because your customer tells you that you have to buy from them.


11. What one law would you make or change?

I would cancel all foreign aid payments to other countries and stop paying benefits to non-UK citizens who choose to come to the UK until the country is back on its feet.


12. What keeps you awake at night?

Nothing, I sleep like a log. I never worry about work stuff at home as you can’t do anything about it until you get back to work and you only end up making it worse by doing so, or at least that’s how I feel, and have thought like this since my first job at 16.


13. Who is your ideal celebrity date?

 My ideal dinner guests would be my other half, both of my daughters, Lee Evans (to help bring comedy to the evening), Ant & Dec (to discuss TV and football) and Sharleen Spiteri of Texas (to provide after-dinner music), plus Hugh Jackman as my other half thinks he is very nice.

Name: Carl King
Company: B.I. Engineering
Job title: Purchasing manager
Home town: Raunds, Northants
Family: Michelle (wife), plus twins Belinda and Rebecca
Age: 48
Sum up your company in 13 words or fewer: Supply MOD with various items, plus make fuel tanks for commercial vehicle manufacturers