The AA will use the National Green Mobility Conference (NGMC) to expand on joint research with BT Fleet, and share key information on alternative fuels with delegates.

The event, organised by BusinessCar and What Van?, will take place on 6 December at the Jurys Inn, Milton Keynes. It is open to fleet operators and aims to help them deliver potential savings in switching to electrified vehicles.

Jennie Hill, responsible for the business services division of the AA, will present the findings of the 2018/19 Operational Fleet Insight Report, an extensive survey of fleet managers.

The report investigates how fleet managers are rising to the challenge of rapidly implemented government policies, and how they are actively adopting alternative fuels and pressing on with planning for a future with less pollution in towns and cities.

It also contains feedback and opinions from fleet operators on their experiences of adopting electric vehicles (EVs), while those who are facing a dilemma over how EVs might integrate into their business could find the conference invaluable.

Introducing the report, Hill said, “Electric and ultra-low emission vehicles are playing a key role in the current and future make up of fleets. Some are leading the way, while others are struggling to plan for a fleet where it will cost significant sums to ‘green the fleet’.

“Clearly, incentives such as grants would be a great help in transitioning the fleet sector from petrol and diesel to electric. Improving the charging infrastructure is important too, and many fleet managers want to see more activity to increase the number and availability of charging points.

“Air quality is very important to fleet managers and many agree that it must be tackled. However, fleet managers would like to work cooperatively with government in order to reach policies which are beneficial for all. Not doing so could hamper businesses as well as the economy, so collaboration from both parties is key throughout future discussions.”

Vehicle manufacturers are increasing the pace at which they are launching fully electric and plug-in models, while hydrogen fuel cell technology is becoming more advanced, with an infrastructure that is slowly being established.

The conference will also include presentations on the various areas surrounding EVs and charging infrastructure, and will include Q&A opportunities, allowing delegates to ask for advice relevant to their own fleet.

The NGMC is sponsored by Ensto Solutions, a specialist in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, with further support for the event from Lightfoot and Licence Check, with BMW and Mini as car manufacturer sponsors.

Other expert speakers at the event include Dr Colin Herron CBE, managing director of Zero Carbon Futures, Ville Parviainen and Visa Parviainen of EV charging infrastructure specialist Ensto, and Kieran Coughlan of UK Power Networks.

Following the conference, delegates will be able to take part in test drives, sampling electrified technology for themselves on short routes around Milton Keynes from the venue, with BMW/Mini already confirmed as providing demonstrator vehicles.

The drives will allow those who have not had the opportunity to try an EV before to better assess their suitability for their fleet and to try the very latest examples of electrified powertrains.

Delegates can register by visiting, which includes information on attendance options and how to reserve your place.