Sometimes when I look in my rear-view mirror while driving along – and it is becoming more frequent – there is what looks like a truck sitting right behind me, with its large size and scary grille filling up the mirror. However, as I start to pull away, I see the tell-tale SUV signs. It turns out it’s not a 41-tonne truck after all, but an EV SUV. As I look more and more at them, I do wonder who has designed them. In my opinion, these vehicles look like a cross between some futuristic film design, and something that was ‘made earlier’ on Blue Peter. On the other hand, I can remember watching futuristic films many years ago, with vehicles that at the time looked ridiculous and completely far-fetched, but, as it turns out, it seems the very same film makers could see into the future.

We have only got a couple of electric cars on our fleet, and no electric vans yet, but we do have a 7.4kW charger located in the corner of our office car park, thanks to our boss deciding that we should have one. It does not get used very often when it comes to charging cars, but it has found another use – it is ideal for putting your tea or coffee mug on when you go outside for a mid-morning or afternoon break, providing a nice ‘gathering’ place for our thirsty workers to meet up for a quick chat. Every time I walk past the charge point-cum-coffee table, it feels like it is watching me. If it had some arms, I think it would certainly be more than at home on the set of Star Wars.

The two proud drivers of our electric cars, are the steadiest people you could ever meet. They would never do anything wrong, could never-ever break any law. Or would they? I ask, as in the past three- months I’ve had two speeding tickets – one for each of them, in the post. These two, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose (I’m not entirely sure what that phrase means, but I’ll use it anyway) have gotten themselves into a bit of bother, it would seem.

When I called to tell them the news, both couldn’t believe it, both said “it’s impossible, it can’t possibly be me, are you sure it’s the right car, right place, right speed”. But alas, it was them, and they were caught red-handed by the camera.

Anyway, both called me back after they’d got over the shock, stopped shaking, and admitted that since taking delivery of their shiny new electric cars, they had found themselves going a ‘little’ quicker than they did in their previous diesel motors – unintentionally. But, as they put it, “it’s the car’s fault, for being too quick,” – not theirs! How do I explain that to the magistrate – if it goes that far? Anyway, both got Fixed Penalty Notices, with no option to do a speed awareness course – as both were too far over the limit to qualify!

As I drive up and down our motorways – when they’re open, I’m seeing more EVs going slower and slower, sitting in the inside lane, and barely doing 55mph. Our drivers regularly tell me about slow EVs almost being pushed along by HGVs, who can only do 56mph! This must be highly frustrating for the truck drivers, and not a safe situation. Then you realise why these EVs are going so slowly, with sweat pouring from the driver’s forehead. Are they panicking at their range left, and wondering if they’ll make it to the next motorway service station? Or are they avoiding more speeding fines? It certainly seems like some EV drivers are either driving too slowly, or too fast! 

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