Victory will taste sweet for CFC Solutions, especially as it ends a four-year dominant stretch of one of its competitors. The result is a gracious reward from a large band of very satisfied customers, our readers.

This very fact is not lost on CFC boss Andy Leech.

“CFC has been at the forefront of software development for more than a quarter of a century and this award is proof that our product can make a real difference to our customers in helping them meet their duty of care and environmental obligations.”

The award follows a busy year that saw the launch of one the most important products in the history of the company. Contract Manager enables, for the first time, CFC to target huge pan-European and worldwide leasing companies using a web-based package.

Hosting fleet software on the internet highlights further the wider scope of possible options available for its customers, while the firm’s R&D department is purportedly bigger than all its competition put together – which has perhaps contributed to CFC Solutions being voted the best in its category this time around.