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REMARKETING: Alternative fuels make inroads, but many fleets still sceptical

Date: 25 June 2013


Their values may be more susceptible to change than those of conventional vehicles, but they remain strong nonetheless. It's no secret that demand for clean and frugal models is high and hybrids fit the bill, but more importantly they're now common on the used market and are, for the most part, accepted by used buyers as a straightforward and conventional technology. 

Gavin Amos, valuation services manager at CDL VIP Data explains: "Hybrids such as the Prius are now well established in the industry and as such confidence has built and is still building. They are now accepted as more of 'the norm'. [They are] are seen regularly in the remarketing arena and don't prove so much of an issue."

The "issue" to which Amos refers is the state of play with other alternative-fuel vehicles in the remarketing arena. Electric vehicles just haven't had time to catch on yet and their rarity and limitations are holding them back. 

He continues: "Electric vehicles prove the biggest challenge. Range anxiety plays the biggest part here, when combined with high prices and uncertain future technology where only time will tell. They are definitely not proving to be the hit that was expected not so long ago. The introduction of range-extenders seems to be the way forward."