Decarbonisation is now on the agenda of most organisations – in both public and private sectors – with fleet users facing pressure to lead the charge into cleaner, greener mobility. But this is a mammoth task when vehicle supply is limited, overall fleet operating costs are spiralling and the true effect of electric motoring – on drivers and their organisations – is an unknown. 

Winning hearts and minds

The other big challenge in making the transition to zero is winning over the hearts and minds of drivers. Recent research by Europcar, among company car drivers, found that employees want to feel that they are working for an organisation with good sustainability credentials. 35% would consider changing jobs if they felt their employer wasn’t doing enough to be sustainable and tackle climate change. And only 32% believe their employer is currently taking the right actions. 

The big question is how to learn the barriers to acceptance before making wholesale commitments to fleet for the long-term. After all, a short test-drive, even if it’s for a week or more, doesn’t really deliver the insight employers and their drivers need to understand the true impact of adding electric to their fleet. 

What’s needed is real-world experience before making the big move.

Try before you buy

Long-Term Solutions from Europcar enable employers and their drivers to experience electric motoring in real-world conditions before committing to lease or
outright purchase. 

Available from just three months with no upfront deposit and commitment-free, Europcar Flex for EV includes:

  • Comprehensive vehicle handover and charging instructions support
  • Charging cables 
  • Shell Recharge card and app – providing access to over 10,000 publicly accessible charge points across the UK
  • Access to Tesla Superchargers for Tesla rentals
  • The option for CO2 reporting for valuable insight into emissions reduction.

Plus, through its partnership with Shell Recharge Solutions, Europcar is offering a range of home, roadside and workplace charging solutions.

One size doesn’t fit all

Europcar is adding vehicles that span the majority of business motoring use cases to give fleet managers the chance to genuinely put low and zero emission motoring to the test – all are available as part of the Long-Term Solutions from Europcar. 

To find out more about how Europcar can help your organisation transition to zero visit or call 0371 384 0140.