Mercedes-Benz’s fleet boss began at Mazda, once owned a Peugeot convertible, and got stuck in a ford


1. What was your first job? Crikey, they range from working as a steel stockholder to selling sheds. I finally found my feet in the motor industry some 20 years ago at a Mazda dealership in Hampshire as a retailer executive.

2. What was your first company car? Peugeot 205 1.9CTI in white with a phone no less – quite a bonus all those years ago.

3. What did you listen to on your last car journey? Emeli Sande.

4. What one thing do you wish you could do better? Play golf better.

5. What’s your biggest achievement? Securing the largest solus volume in Seat’s history comes pretty close.

6. Who are your role models? No one gets close to my dad; he is my hero – always has been, always will be. After the Olympics I take my hat off to the organisers – what a fantastic event. I am also very humbled by doctors, fire crews, armed forces – this list goes on.

7. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done? Driving through a ford, getting stuck in the middle and having to sit on the roof while the car started to move downstream. Fireman rescue, tin foil blanket, written-off car. you name it, it happened. Not one of my best days.

8. What was the most hotly debated topic at your last meeting? People, processes and always customers. The new A-class is exciting everyone at the moment and everyone wants to have the first UK cars before anyone else.

9. What’s in your garage? Boxes unopened from a move three years ago, a cross-trainer, golf clubs, mountain bikes and, of course, no room for a car!

10. What’s the worst thing about your job? So much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it all in. Mercedes-Benz is an exciting place to work at the moment and the pace at which fleet is moving is unbelievable, but I would not want it any other way.

11. What one law would you make or change? I would definitely have tougher laws on animal cruelty – it’s just wrong.

12. What keeps you awake at night? Very little. If there was a sport for sleeping I think I would secure a medal no problem.

13. Who is your ideal celebrity date? Anchorman Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell). I love to laugh