One name dominated this category, that of GreenRoad, a comparatively new firm that’s been making major inroads in the risk management arena.

Behind what sounds like a simple idea is a complex in-vehicle system that senses 120 different manoeuvres across the categories of braking, acceleration, speed handling, cornering and lane handling. It can measure a combination of driver inputs that on their own wouldn’t be an issue, but cause a problem when combined, such as acceleration into a turn while crossing over a lane. A small LED display on the dash moves from green to amber to red if a driver’s movements are deemed inefficient or dangerous. The same data is transmitted to a password-protected website or by email so drivers and fleet managers can both view performance, while alerts on poor driving can also be sent via text message or email.

GreenRoad claims its system will “cut crashes in half, reduce consumption by 10% and achieve a 90-day pay-back for commercial fleets”. The company also claims it is the “only service that helps commercial fleets, insurers and consumers measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel-efficient driving behaviour”.

GreenRoad has even developed its system to encourage the spirit of competition as an incentive to improve driver behaviour, with analysis breakdown available by vehicle office or depot, type of vehicle and a number of other parameters.