Jaama takes the Leasing and Contract Hire prize in the 2012 Techies with its Key2 system. Devised for small and medium-sized leasing firms, it has been designed to allow them to compete with the leasing industry’s largest players that can afford to develop their own bespoke in-house systems.

The back-of-house system allows Jaama’s leasing industry customers to easily offer quotes on new vehicles and salary sacrifice vehicle quotes, as well as calculating financial considerations such as BIK tax burdens and whether private fuel paid for by an employer will actually exceed the tax liability. The firm claims its system “meets the ongoing needs and expectations of leasing company users, and enables them to offer an industry-leading service in an increasingly technology driven age”.

The same customer dashboard used to obtain car quotes and other information also gives fleet managers the chance to manage their vehicles, highlighting exceptions with driver licence checking, vehicle service, MoT or replacement issues and other management lines.

Highly commended in this category is Ogilvie Fleet, which impressed the judges with its reporting tools for fleets. The system played a strong part in Ogilvie winning the Experteye post-sale customer service prize for 25-250-vehicle fleets.