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Renault's Keith Hawes answers Barker's Dozen

Date: 24 November 2008

Keith Hawes

BusinessCar deputy editor Paul Barker puts 13 testing questions to Renault fleet boss Keith Hawes

1. What was your first job? Working in the City for Standard Chartered Bank - export bills of exchange, trainee foreign exchange dealer

2. What was your first company car? Cortina 2.0 GL auto metallic gold with tobacco roof

3. What did you listen to on your last car journey? BBC Radio 5 Live

4. What one thing do you wish you could do better? Speak French and play golf

5. What's your biggest achievement? Bringing up three great children

6. Who are your role models? All war veterans, lifeboat crews, Major Richard Sharp (Bernard Cornwell's fictional hero of Britain's Indian and Napoleonic campaigns) and Margaret Thatcher

7. What's the stupidest thing you've done? Not selling my investment club's Northern Rock shares on time

8. What was the most hotly debated topic at your last meeting? Our 2008 fleet strategy, and whose turn was it to get the coffee!

9. What's in your garage? Garden tractor

10. What's the worst thing about your job? Managing conflict ie profit vs volume

11. What one law would you make or change? New driving test concept depending upon size and power

12. What keeps you awake at night? My wife telling me I'm snoring

13. Who is your ideal celebrity date? J.K. Rowling