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Chris Thornton of Auto Windscreens answers Barker's Dozen

Date: 10 December 2014   |   Author:

Auto Windscreens' MD discusses Lady Gaga, being less embarrassing, and having 100 litres of homemade cider.

1. What was your first job?

My first job was at a West End strategy consultancy during the late Thatcher years' boom. It was all deals, takeovers and diversification strategies with mad deadlines; weekend working and all-nighters were very much the norm.

2. What was your first company car?

A Land Rover Discovery.

3. What did you listen to on your last car journey?

When travelling at unsociable times I'm a big user of audio books. This morning I struggled manfully with A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy.

4. What one thing do you wish you could do better?

Embarrass my teenage boys less.

5. What's your biggest achievement?

Quadrupling the market share of a tachograph analysis business to become the market leader.

6. Who are your role models? I'm a big cycling fan and find what coach Sir Dave Brailsford has done for British Cycling and Team Sky inspiring.

7. What's the stupidest thing you've done?

Cutting through a gas pipe while doing DIY. I had to ask my newly married wife to put her finger over the hole until I found and turned off the tap. It was a low point in our relationship.

8. What was the most hotly debated topic at your last meeting?

The increasing complexity of vehicle glass and its impact on prices.

9. What's in your garage?

Nine road and mountain bikes, 100 litres of homemade cider, and way too much junk.

10. What's the worst thing about your job?

Nothing really. Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon period [Chris joined Auto Windscreens earlier this year]. I love it!

11. What one law would you make or change?

I would like a law to restrict Google's dominance and ruthlessness in online search.

12. What keeps you awake at night?

Not much. I work and play pretty hard and tend to flake out as soon as my head touches the pillow.

13. Who is your ideal celebrity date?

Lady Gaga. Less because of her music and more to find out about her online strategy. She's got a clearly thought out and commercial approach that attracts and retains over 88 million fanatical online followers. I also want to find out if there is any substance behind the style!