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Paul Hill of NAMA answers Barker's Dozen

Date: 25 February 2015   |   Author:

1 What was your first job?

Management trainee with British Car Auctions.

2 What was your first company car?  

An '89 'F' Stratos Silver Fiesta 1.1L, complete with factory-fit pop-up sunroof!

3 What did you listen to on your last car journey?

As most journeys are interspersed with a myriad of (hands-free) calls I tend not to listen to anything until the evening. Jo Whiley's 8pm show on Radio 2 is the last 'proper' listen I had, in my opinion. She always has a great mix of music.

4 What one thing do you wish you could do better? 

Forecast movements in price and segment within the used car sector. The one thing that experience has taught me is the market moves quickly, and while general predictions are relatively easy to do, crystal balls are often foggy when you are looking for detail.

5 What's your biggest achievement?

Being a part of an industry-wide team working on the design, build and implementation of the NAMA standard for used vehicle grading.

6 Who are your role models?

While the easy answer here would be a 'business celebrity', the fact is I am lucky enough to work closely with a number of people who inspire me. I'll keep their keep names under wraps to save their blushes.

7 What's the stupidest thing you've done?

Not investing in shares in the automotive sector at the end of 2008.

8 What was the most hotly debated topic at your last meeting?

The changing nature of our industry both in terms of new and used vehicle sales, and the positive impact of rising new car registrations and how this will affect the used car industry over the course of the next few years together with the dynamics of the commercial sector. If you have a spare hour give me a call and I'll give you my view.

9 What's in your garage?

I wish I could say there was a Lamborghini Miura LP400S in the garage, but in reality there is a selection of tools, a couple of old wardrobes, my golf clubs and two Fausto Coppi road bikes.

10 What's the worst thing about your job?  

 I can honestly say that there is no 'worst thing' about chairing the association.

11 What one law would you make or change?

 I'd change the law regarding speed limits. I'd increase the speed limit on motorways; it's been a long time since the Suez crisis, and Austin 1100s were inherently less safe at 70mph than most of today's cars are at 100. However, I would ensure strict enforcement of the 30mph limit in built-up areas.

12 What keeps you awake at night?  

Asking whether our association offers the right level of support and insight into future trends for our members, particularly the independent auction members, and how the association can provide a better level of insight for the whole of our industry?

13 Who is your ideal celebrity date?  

Sir Bradley Wiggins: a tremendous athlete and a large personality.


Company National Association of Motor Auctions

Job title Chairman

Home town York

Family One Married with two children, aged 19 and 16

Age 46 

Sum up your company in 13 words or fewer: The association representing the heart of the wholesale motor industry