According to Andy Bland, director of business rental UK & Ireland at Enterprise Mobility: “Many organisations don’t fully understand what their employee mobility challenge is, or even if they have one.

“The inefficiencies often go unnoticed because costs and emissions accrue very gradually, from countless small trips, journey by journey. The scale of the opportunity for driving carbon savings is significant, but often no one even realises there is a problem.”

An example of this potential is illustrated by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence, which partnered with Enterprise Mobility to take a fresh look at its business travel. 

In just 12 months, Dstl cut an estimated 372,000 miles and more than 100 tonnes of CO2e emissions from its business journeys – equivalent to flying from London Heathrow to Sydney, Australia more than 30 times. The solution involved deploying nearly 100 on-site Enterprise Car Club vehicles across three Dstl workplaces, dramatically reducing the number of vehicle deliveries and collections to and from its sites.

Employees use the Enterprise Travel Direct platform, streamlining the booking process while ensuring compliance with Dstl’s travel policy. This encourages employees to think differently about how they travel and consider more sustainable options, with the platform identifying the best mode of transport for the journey. Teams can also access the public on-street Enterprise Car Club network of around 1,500 vehicles when working from home or away from the office, as well as the option to rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches, which is particularly useful during peak times. 

“Reducing the cost and emissions of business motoring is about improving mobility, one trip at a time,” Bland concludes.

“Tackling some of the big questions around business travel means getting under the skin of employee travel habits, empowering employees and creating transparency with data and metrics. That way businesses know what’s working and can ensure a positive experience for their team members.”

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