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BusinessCar Office Blog: 22 September 2008 - Speeders take the points, but miss the point

Date: 22 September 2008   |   Author: Tom Webster

I was staggered to learn only 57.4% of speeding drivers took up the option of going on a rehabilitation course in 2007.

The other 42.6% opted to take the £60 fine and 3 points on their licence.

Why? The course only costs £95, so the extra cost works out at just over £11.65 a point. Given you only need 12 points to lose the right to drive, it's surely a no-brainer.

Add in to that the increased costs your insurance company can throw your way for taking the points and it could be the best £35 you ever spend.

When one of the BusinessCar team was caught going a little quicker than he ought to recently, he actively researched how he could get the option of a course.

Sadly the punished driver has no say in the matter, so Toby* just had to cross his fingers. He got lucky and has just got back from a half-day of eye-opening facts and images of crashes caused by speeding.

One of our deputy editor's friends was also caught going too swiftly recently, and he too was offered the course. However, he turned it down.

"It'll be alright, I don't plan on getting any more points, so three won't make a difference," he said when asked the reason behind his decision. But surely he didn't plan on getting three in the first place?

If Toby had not been offered the course and then heard others had turned it down, I'm sure he would be less than amused. I know I would.

Further investigation revealed that in 2007, speeders were only offered courses in the area in which they committed the offence. Now you can take a course in a location more convenient to you.

Being caught speeding and getting offered a course up in Scotland is not much use if you live in Cornwall. Even so, we had to think twice about whether we would have made the trip anyway in that situation.

*(name changed to protect offender's identity)