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Roddy Graham's Blog: 4 September 2008 - Politicians.

Date: 04 September 2008

Roddy Graham

You know how much I hate politicians. I've yet to find one who's actually got balls, is determined against the odds and will fight for what he or she truly believes to be right. Two-faced, lying b******s is my general opinion, which is probably why I just have not voted for years. Why back somebody, or a party, you don't believe in?

My opinion reached an all-time low when I heard what Alistair Darling, our 'esteemed' Chancellor of the Exchequer said in an interview in Saturday's Guardian that our country faced the worst economic crisis since 1948.

Firstly, besides politicians, the people I cannot abide are those that talk us into a recession. You know who you are and you've been doing it for the past year. The fourth estate needs to take some share of the blame in this regard.

Second, what pea-sized brain thought it such a great idea to make such a remark? We're not yet officially in a recession and here we have the head of finance, UK PLC, dragging us down and comparing today with a period of harsh austerity which included food and clothes rationing, housing shortages on a grand scale and a country breathing a collective sigh of relief at its financial rescue from the abyss, thanks to the Marshall Plan of Europe.

If the man in charge of our financial and economic well-being shows such poor clarity of judgement then I can begin to see why many are pulling their hair out at our economic woes.

One thing for sure is that the Brown Government is but a pale imitation of the Attlee Government. The former has done nothing but shoot itself in the foot, time and time again while the latter beat Churchill in the immediate post-war general election and through hard work and application delivered us things we are rightly proud of to this day - the NHS, 60-years old this year, national insurance, the Festival of Britain, etc. Make no mistake, our Government's post-war forefathers like Attlee, Beveridge, Bevan One and Bevan Two were light years ahead of our current lightweights. I might even have liked one or two of them.