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YOUNG AT HEART: Rental omissions

Date: 27 June 2008

Tristan Young is Editor-in-chief of BusinessCar

Here's a different take on the going green/cutting your CO2 output.

In the week that we've finally heard that commercial vehicle manufacturers have agreed to produce official CO2 figures for their vans (although admittedly there's still no final answer as to exactly when they'll do this) comes a few revelations.

It's amazing the major rental companies can't guarantee the CO2 figure of a car in a set category. Yes, you can rent a specifically green car, but you can't say "I want an upper medium car with a CO2 figure below 160g/km" or "I want a small family hatch with a CO2 of less than 120g/km".

A lot of this is the car manufacturers' fault because they dump the less popular cars, likely to be higher CO2, into daily rental.

While business rental customers are asking for this service and it's not being delivered, the auction world has yet to see customer demand for CO2 figures on the cars they are selling, but are working on a solution should this demand appear.

In either case, in a few years' time it looks like small diesel cars (the ones currently offering the lowest CO2 figures) will be killed off by costly and broader emissions regulations.