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BusinessCar Office Blog: 10 July 2009 - Having a breakdown

Date: 10 July 2009   |   Author:

BusinessCar Office, yesterday

Motorway breakdown procedure is something that should be nice and straightforward, something every driver should have drilled into them from day one.

But people get it half-right then undo all their good work. What's the point in being bright enough to get out of the car, but the sitting on the barrier just in front of it. They know you shouldn't be sitting in a stranded vehicle because it's in danger of being wiped out at 60mph by a lorry, but are not quite clever enough to do the physics on where that wreckage will fly?

Keep an eye out next time you're on the motorway and you'll spot them, it's amazing how many people make such a bleedin' obvious mistake. Just sit to the rear of the car and you'll be a lot safer.

Also, and very few drivers seem to do this, good training would highlight the benefit of angling the stricken car's wheels towards the verge so if it is sideswiped, it won't be pushed out into the traffic flow. It won't save your vehicle, as the initial impact will probably have done monumental damage, but it'll save another half a dozen vehicles becoming involved in your incident. Imagine the saving in paperwork if nothing else.