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BusinessCar Office Blog: 13 March 2009 - Martyrdom's not for me

Date: 13 March 2009   |   Author: Tony Rock

The BusinessCar Office

I want to save the planet but I don't want to be a martyr, which is why I love our current Ford Fiesta long-termer

As a supermini it's a smaller car, so I'll be able to partially look my kids in the eye when they ask why the heck our generation didn't do more to care for their inheritance, yet it's packed with goodies, some as standard, the rest optional.

Cruise control, autofold side mirrors and iPod connection come with the top spec Titanium model, however there's no way I could do without parking sensors (£350) or Bluetooth (£200).

It's a similar tale with the lower medium Peugeot 308 long-termer we had recently, which as well as some of the stuff mentioned above also came with leather steering wheel, satnav and alloys.

The way I see it, the manufacturers are being smart making all this equipment available for smaller cars because they know that while we all want to do our best to enhance the health of the world, nobody really wants to be have to suffer any more discomfort in that quest than is absolutely necessary, do they?