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BusinessCar Office Blog: 20 March 2009 - Combination course doing the trick

Date: 20 March 2009   |   Author: Tony Rock

The BusinessCar Office

Spotted a police van carrying out speed checks by the side of the road the other day and it made me grateful that I'd had some driver training, some of it offered to me by the Olde Bill, some of it sought in my own time on one of those 'all speed cameras are the Devil's phlegm' websites.

The latter ( has a series of photographs where you have to guess where those dastardly law-keepers hid/strategically placed either speed cameras or themselves to catch drivers exceeding speed limits. Once you've studied the picture, click on it where you think the camera is hidden and the site will reveal if you're right or wrong.

The more conventional training was offered to me by the police after being snapped by a speed trap. It cost me £95, but that was in lieu of a fixed penalty of £60 plus (another) three points on my licence.

The 2hr 30min workshop in a classroom involved a computer-based assessment of multiple choice questions and reacting to video footage; the rest was spent discussing topics such as the potential consequences of driving at marginally excessive speeds.

Dare I say it but being caught more than once speeding appears to have had the desired effect on my driving because - having absorbed some vital new driving techniques - not only did I actually see the police this time at a spot where I'd been caught before, but I was also bang on the speed limit.