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BusinessCar Office Blog: 25 September 2009 - It's a strain to take the train

Date: 25 September 2009   |   Author:

BusinessCar Office, yesterday

I'm soon to get the train up from London to Manchester, and I've received an interesting little piece of paper with my train tickets.

It seems, as a single passenger my journey will emit 37.4kg of CO2, compared to 122.9kg if I drove in a diesel car or 118.6kg if I took to the skies and used an aeroplane.

But it doesn't say anything about whether this is a full car versus full train (neither being likely), but that's not the point here.

Letting the train take the strain is seemingly great for the planet, according to the info that came with my rail ticket. No mention, though, of the crippling cost.

It may be greener to have a train-load of people, but how on earth are businesses expected to put staff on the train when, booked in advance and standard fare only, my return trip cost £268. For a journey that's less than a tank of petrol and will take about the same amount of time, once I've trekked across London, as driving would have done. Times that figure by two or three people if necessary, and you're looking at £800 versus that single tank of petrol.

Personally I like taking the train. I like driving too, but sometimes the chance to relax and/or get some work done makes the train that much more pleasant. But you sure as heck pay for it.