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BusinessCar Office Blog: 26 June 2009 - Old and new

Date: 26 June 2009   |   Author: Tristan Young

Every so often car makers bring old cars to new-car launches. It doesn't always work, you can come away thinking the old car was better. And even if the new car is better than the previous generation, the older car isn't a rival - models from other brands are.

So my interest was raised well ahead of the launch of the facelifted MX-5 launch when I heard that Mazda had also been out and sourced 10 original 1.6-litre MX-5s from 1990.

However, although I did come away from the launch wanting a 19-year-old MX-5, I also wanted a new one for the same reasons.

While neither car is particularly fast, they are both equally entertaining and you never get bored of the clarity of thought that the engineers who developed the cars must have had in mind - that the car must be desirable for its driver involvement, practical nature and low cost.