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BusinessCar Office Blog: 27 February 2009 - Porsche experience centre

Date: 27 February 2009   |   Author: Tristan Young

Much discussion this week about who had the most fun car launch.

Dep ed Barker's been driving the Audi A5 convertible, staff writer Webster's been testing the Ford Focus RS and I've been driving the new Porsche Cayenne diesel.

While the other two were in the south of France, I was in Northamptonshire, but I still think mine was best.

And this is all because the Porsche Cayenne diesel launch included a trip to the Porsche Driving Experience Centre at Silverstone.

Last November the German performance car maker opened its own mini test track next to the main Silverstone site and is now promoting it to owners, customers and (you'll see the fleet spin here) businesses concerned about their employees' driving standards.

So it was I who spent a couple of hours at the facility having a hoot of a time trying to control a Cayman S on a number of low-grip surfaces, plus a few laps on a mini race circuit.

What Porsche can offer that others can't is a skidpan with a thing called a kick-plate. This is a mechanical device that sets your car into the beginnings of a spin, which you then have to try to catch, and then recover control of the car. And you can't second-guess the direction of the impending slide because the direction of the 'kick' is random.

Alongside the driver training aspect, businesses can also use a conference facility for meetings and there's a restaurant in the Porsche building too.

The cost? Well, you can buy a Porsche because all are sold with a driver training course included in the price. Or you can just book a course from £275.