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BusinessCar Office Blog: 3 July 2009 - The best VXR

Date: 03 July 2009   |   Author: Tristan Young

Once in a while we get offers of events that make our jobs even more fun than normal.

This week it was the turn of the annual Vauxhall VXR track day event run by GM Fleet. A hundred or so fleet managers, Vauxhall's VXR range and Thruxton race track to play on.

While the Corsa VXR is easily the best fun on the track, even up against more powerful cars such as the Astra VXR and the VXR8, it was the off-track stuff that was possibly more interesting.

The arrival briefing including a firm statement that it was "business as usual" statement in large letters on the TV screens referring to GM's current financial predicament got me thinking.

Surely the whole point of GM's financial trouble is that, going forward, doing the usual things they've done won't get them out of trouble. To help their situation GM and GM Europe need to do things differently.

Maybe it's just me?

Also off-track and in display mode only where two special Insignias.

The first was a police-spec car - coming to a force near you soon. But what was special about this was the cameras in the back of the blue-light roof bar which linked to automated number plate recognition software, so that ever car that passes gets its number plate read. The idea is that any uninsured car or stolen vehicle would be spotted and could be stopped.

The second Insignia was the VXR model, looking striking in black. Can't wait to drive it.

Put police strips on this one and you'll have a traffic cop's favourite tool.