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Damian James' Blog: 9 October 2009 - Dealer service times

Date: 12 October 2009

Damian James is Head of Transport Provision for Bracknell Forest Council and a technology champion

I wrote last week about a little problem I had with a main dealer. I mentioned the same vehicle has now broken down again and as promised I would like to update you on progress so far on my second attempt to get the vehicle booked in.

When I spoke to the leasing company on Friday they took up the gauntlet and tried to book the vehicle into my nearest main dealer.

I heard back from them fairly quickly when they phoned me to say the nearest dealer wouldn't take the vehicle but they could book it in for a week on Monday to the next closest. This meant that it would be a minimum of six days of short term hire at £50 per day. Not what I call a good result. Needless to say I expressed this opinion to the leasing company and suggested they try another dealer.

I only heard back from the leasing company on Monday afternoon having chased them twice.

Apparently another dealer said they would confirm they could get the vehicle in by 3.00pm on Monday afternoon. I got the call at 2.52pm. It could go in on Wednesday but it was up to me to get it there. I now have to find two drivers to get it there for Wednesday and then collect it when it's ready.

This is all to repair a vehicle that is still within the manufacturer's warranty. I have to say it doesn't make me feel like a valued customer as it always seems to be me making the effort to get the vehicle into an agent and me forking out for vehicle replacements. I dread to think what would happen if I wasn't a fleet customer and only had one private vehicle. Isn't it about time that main dealer visits weren't such painful experiences?


Whoops! I spoke to soon. My own private car has now broken down. Perhaps it was because I was speaking ill of main dealers and they have now put a curse on me! Oh and naturally the car is three months out of warranty. Perhaps I shouldn't have opened my big mouth.