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Damian James' Blog: 24 May 2010 - Panic, shock, horror!

Date: 24 May 2010

Damian James is Head of Transport Provision for Bracknell Forest Council and a technology champion

Yes, I attended the ACFO AGM last week and if you were there you will know what I am talking about. The title of this blog is nothing to do with the AGM process but related to the presentation given by the Crash Course Team from the Staffordshire fire service. This is actually the second time I have seen this presentation and its impact does not lessen because of that. It talks you through a serious accident procedure starting with the Fire and Rescue perspective, followed by the Police investigation and finishing with Victim Support. The presenters tell a powerful story and one that left many of the audience shocked and a little unsure about what to think.

To hear about and see the immediate aftermath of a serious accident in such graphic detail could be described as a little too voyeuristic but actually we as drivers should all be made aware of the reality. As it was pointed out this is not the sort of detail that you find in the press because it's not glamorous or pleasant but it still happens everyday. For me as a Dad with two young children some of the presentation was particularly difficult to stomach but then that's really the whole point of it.

Having seen the presentation before I knew what was involved and I spoke out beforehand about the appropriateness of having something like this at the AGM, and was politely ignored. Having said that perhaps that's a good thing because there are now another 150 people who have witnessed something that will definitely make them think the next time they get behind the wheel of a car. I'm just glad that I made it back safely after the event as I did contemplate abandoning my car and walking home!!

Oh and by the way just In case no one else noticed after the presentation, ACFO continues to go from strength to strength!!