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FLEET SPEAK: 1 November 2011 - Pointing out the problems

Date: 01 November 2011

Paul Barker is editor of BusinessCar

inflammatory language - calling it an "enormous risk to the public" and an "appalling situation" - is designed to provoke reaction rather than look rationally at the issue, the message lurking behind it is that drivers that need their licence for work could sometimes do with help keeping away from trouble. A speeding offence every nine months over a three-year period is still seen as an occupational hazard in some circles of high-mileage driving, but if Brake's calls for the Government to take action against evading a ban of up to six months bear fruit, there could be trouble ahead for many business drivers.

Primarily it's their responsibility to stick to speed limits, especially if they have already collected one, two or even three sets of points, but if a ban would have an impact on business, then it's the company's responsibility to head off potential problems before they happen, and not rely on judicial leniency to ensure key staff stay mobile.

Paul Barker - editor

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