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Graham Hurdle's blog: 15 August 2011 - Should drivers do a knowledge test?

Date: 15 August 2011

Graham Hurdle is managing director of E-Training World

A new survey of 3000 motorists by Thrifty Car & Van Rental reveals a staggering eight out of ten (85%) drivers admit to gambling amber lights in an attempt to race through the traffic.

The survey also revealed that more than a third (35%) of respondents didn't know it was an offence to pass through an amber signal as it's about to turn red and weren't aware of the £60 fine or penalty points if caught.

I remember having a conversation with a managing director of a large corporate earlier this year; he said he did not believe that a lack of knowledge resulted in poor driving. As you can imagine I disagreed with his point of view, but who is right?

It is a fact that most drivers only read the Highway Code when they are learning to drive. Some driving instructors even say that learners don't bother to learn the Highway Code; they simply purchase one of those Theory Test books that contain all the questions and answers to the DSA Theory Test.

So do drivers need knowledge to drive safely?

I have been a driver now for 30 years, I passed my test in 1981 well before the theory test; all I had to do to demonstrate my knowledge of the Highway Code was to identify 3 or 4 road signs shown to me by the examiner. I have been involved in the driver training industry since 1989, so I must know everything there is to know about driving...... I wish!

No one knows everything about driving, it's just everyone and his dog who thinks they know everything!

So you don't have to know every aspect of the Road Traffic Act, but driving is a team game and like every other team game, if you don't know the basic rules you won't last long in the team. The problem is if you don't understand the off-side rule in football, you won't be popular with your team mates and the team fans. However, if you don't understand the basic rules of driving then you should expect to get booked. The problem is the roads don't have many referees these days and with the governments cuts, there will be even fewer traffic police keeping order on the UK roads. Just imagine the outcome of a football match between Man United and Chelsea if therReferee was cut!

Test your knowledge of the Highway Code:

1. What colour are the reflective studs (cat's eyes) across the motorway slip roads?

If you don't know, check the Highway Code you will be glad you did next time you are on a motorway in dense fog.

2. Count down markers on a motorway are white bars on a blue background, but what colour are the bars and background on the signs used on the approach to a concealed railway level crossing?

Someone once said: 'I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe' ~ Author unknown

If you feel the same then pick up a copy of the Highway Code, you may well be surprised at what you learn and be able to find your way back to this universe!

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